Case Studies


On hand System
No easy customer management system application that exist on the web for SMB owners who are into service industry.

Stakeholder needs CRM (Customer relationship management) software which can be for SMB operators.

Key Challenges
To follow and manage visitors with the help of geo locations and cookie.

Proposition & Solution
Customer need to punch-in their mail id and password for retrieving and syncing mails.
Customer can then build a contact us form with the help of drag and drop interface and can select mandatory fields. Once the form designing is done, customer will get a code snippet to place in customer’s website. Users can add campaigns if needed to track campaigns; thus compare quality customers vs. dreadful customers.

Technology Used

  • PHP/MySQL for development
  • Codeignator Framework
  • Javascript and jQuery functionality in the project


  • Organizational-level data sharing
  • Trim down cost on customer attainment
  • Centralized customer interface
  • Enhanced customer support
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction
  • High rate of customer withholding
  • Enlarge revenue at small cost

Website Upgrading (For a Tours & Travel Company) On hand

An outdated version of website with poor graphics and complicated user interface.

An updated and advanced version of website with simple user interface.

Key Challenges

  • Reduce User’s Cognitive Effort
  • Focus a Visitor’s Attention
  • Showcase the company’s Features Effectively
  • No Complicated Things
  • User can communicate Effectively

Proposition & Solution
Webpage don’t require detailed explanations for it to work and made webpage obvious. Keep the navigation structure of the website spontaneous and visible. We used the design of the webpage to focus the user’s attention to it, not the old irritating pop-up style banner to convey the message. We ensure that all major headers are easily visible. We also builtvisual communication tool for the customer to communicate effectively.

Technology Used Benefits

  • Increased new business
  • Started providing guidance and information to the customer
  • Started attracting new type of customers
  • Easily get interactive feedback from customers
  • Started making privileged connections



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