Corporate Responsibility

Here are few of the broad categories of social responsibility Kclink is practicing:
Environment oriented: Kclink’s CSR actions in the field of the protection of the environment include:

  • designing environmentally friendly products or production processes
  • an efficient use of resources
  • the reduction of waste and pollution
  • applying an “ecologic assessment” on the suppliers concerning their environmental standards
  • informing business partners, customers or the society on environmental issues

Market-oriented: We target on the one hand, at the customers and, on the other hand, at business associates and/or suppliers. Respective initiatives embrace the following

  • activities to improve the quality or safety of products
  • provision of voluntary services to the clients
  • fair pricing
  • ethical advertising
  • paying suppliers or business partners without delay
  • contracting local partners
  • driving standards through the supply chain
  • supporting the establishment of local/regional business alliances

Workforce oriented: Our focus on employees includes, for example:

  • the improvement of working conditions (incl. health and safety at work) and job satisfaction
  • work/life balance
  • equal opportunities and diversity
  • training and staff development (incl. career planning)
  • communication / information of employees and participation in company decisions
  • responsible and fair remuneration or financial support of employees



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