Dedicated Teams

Dedicated Team engagement model is resourceful for clients looking to use services of Kclink while maintaining greatest flexibility for a scope modification that a business may need. It works best with an Agile development process and doesn't have need of a huge investment in requirements definition. It does, however, involve cautious monitoring of productivity and costs.

Kclink has an exclusive way of providing clients with the profit of conventional Dedicated Team model while providing accountability and focus:

  • We share our plan of action with a client which is always required on the client's side
  • We have Delivery and Engagement Managers, the two vital team supervisors in Kclink management who work to diminish delivery risks
  • We provide project related training
The team and the organization infrastructure, will guarantee that the client's project is successful; this is what matters most in a Dedicated Team approach, not the billing plan or the quantity of graduate degrees in the team.



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