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As fastest growing software company in India, Kclink possesses unmatchedextent for flexibility when joining hands with you for any engagement. Our team of developers and designers can be moulded into any model to work out an efficient and most advantageous process of project engagement to attain success. We offer the following project engagement models:

If you are in quest of a long-term software development associate and have a constant stream of errands that requires to be executed, a dedicated team is just the ideal solution for you. It is a lucrative engagement model that also promises the best TATs (Turn Around Times) and delivery within time frames. KclinkTechnology can allocate a team of its best software developers and consultants to your project on a committed basis.

Ours team comprising of experts from every industry of software development and design. Our allocation and selection process is based on your project needs. We do thorough screening and testing of applicants and only choose ones with strong educational qualifications and software development expertise. We only pick candidates who have zeal to excel in software engineering.

If your organization is looking to develop a software product and it is a one-time requirement, Kclink offers fixed-cost and fixed-time project engagement model. In this plan, a development team is exclusively chosen to suit your project needs. We offer our finest developers and designers to you, and you can pick the ones with the right skill-set that matches your project.

Our vast talent pool is at your disposal so that you can select to create a perfect project-based team. All along this path, Kclink works with you to establish specific resource needs, and then screen, selects and allocates a team of developers, designers and consultants that is just appropriate for your project.

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