Future Drivers

Software Development

The future scenario requires software developers to seriously consider the following:
Be agile
The most admired approach to software development, the waterfall approach, is becoming outdated. The future command for IT use and the regularly changing characteristics, requirements will need developers to go for agile methodologies. Agile methodologies have evolved out of the need to deploy superior software quality and have the knack to incorporate repeated changes in software requirements without difficulty. They are complicated evolutions of software development procedures and make easy versatile software development. Agile methodologies have confirmed that organizations can achieve high efficiency in teams and carry out superior results.

Take on hosted SDLC and ALM management tools
It is not possible to get away from hosted application services such as SaaS-based SDLC and ALM management tools just because of the apparent security fear of the cloud stack. Numerous SDLC and ALM management tools are evolving and being integrated into the SDLC course to augment developer production and decrease the time to market.

Master many programming language
As the mobile culture and acceptance of cloud computing increases, the idea of interoperability of applications will increase in importance. Developers will be required to have the understanding of interoperability of platforms and applications and the knowledge of building applications for different access points such as laptop PCs, smartphones, tablet or all three. Web will be the interface for consuming IT services for countless users, it will be very vital for developers to have a core Knowledge of working with Web technologies also.

Web Development

Driven significantly by the augment of mobile computing, web development has evolved considerably over the last few years. Few years ago, web applications were developed for use on a PC. Now,web applications are developed for multiple devices.

In near future following trends will be adapted by web applications:

Responsive/Adaptive design will become the norm
We will develop web applications for use on multiple devices. In upcoming few years, there will be increased option of devices such as televisions, smart glasses, smart watches and more…which makes responsive and adaptive design a supreme necessity for us.

Websites will offer personalized user experiences
There will be a shift towards personalized user experiences. Our solution will let it happen in couple of ways: In some cases, the web application/site itself remembers the user’s actions and preferences, and accordingly offer options customized to that user. In other cases, the application simply allows the user to modify the design and layout, and saves those modifications for future visits.

Application portability will become vital
Businesses are gradually recognizing the necessity for applications that flawlessly port to any platformor database. As cloud-based hosting becomes more common and more businesses use a range of databases, portable applications will become essential in the business world, which we provide.

Data will come from universally As growingly objects hook up with the internet, our web applications will fetch data from areas you’d never anticipate. Our future web applications may not only fetch data from your database.

Software Application Maintenance

  • Data-Driven Management: Managers want the knack to support decisions with hard data—requiring improved reporting and tracking systems.
  • Mobile Technology: Mobile technology is intensifying speedily, and the capability to connect from the field is a likely fit for maintenance operations.
  • Software Cost & Implementation Time: Software is now more reasonably priced and easier to implement like never before, putting it within nearly every organization’s reach.
  • Cloud Computing: Increasing bandwidth and inexpensive hosting options mean you don't need to use expensive hardware or a very skilled internal IT team to access great software.
  • Systems Integration: Data now links with other systems without difficulty, such as accounting software andERP, analytical maintenance monitors, building automation systems, and more.

Mobility Solutions

Native applications will decline In near future there will be shake-up in the mobile platform landscape. New platforms will come into sight, while well-liked options will be turned down. The insecurity in the mobile platform landscape, together with the increasing capabilities of the web will turn down native mobile apps. We will gradually evade the risks of native apps and hold the flexibility of mobile web apps, particularly in business world.

Independent QA
Quality Assurance is the need of hour by users and continuous advancements in software testing the changes that one sees in the field of software testing have a great diversity

Some of them are:
A Team - Client, Developers & Testers:
Communication amongst each of the cross functional teams’ plays avital role in ensuring a better product. The following paths of communication will be built in the coming year

involving Developers and Testers with Stakeholder:  
Developers and testers will be linked to theother stakeholders in the process, such as customers, analysts and project managers. This will lead to the wholeness&steadiness which will be maintained right from the early phase of product development.

Bringing Testers & Developers together:
As the specifications become more simple through an early participation of the whole team, developers will come acrossthat what their code have to achieve. The testers will provide light weight models to developers that would assist them to run their scripts before the production starts.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

RPO will be very vibrant and varying. Small & medium sized RPO firms are partnering more to be competitive.

Following are the future trends of RPO:
HR and talent acquisition leaders will demand greater complex and innovative solutions from RPO firms This has been happening for some time but will be even more significant the complex and innovative solutions will come from technology, original sourcing and pricing.

Globalization is not a fad. It is the reality.RPO firms will continue to get bigger globally



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